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Learning to learn (and unlearn) through play | Deloitte University Press

This type of playful learning is especially absent in the work environment. How often do we expose employees to new things, to the opportunity to…
Brandon Klein Jan 08, 2014

NetMiner - Premier Software for Social Network Analysis

Brandon Klein Dec 17, 2013

3D scan yourself at home with Kinect and get a realistic 3D printed figurine!  
Brandon Klein Dec 16, 2013

bluescape - the visual collaborative workspace

Giant screens to collaborate anywhere.
Brandon Klein Dec 16, 2013


TedCas revolutionizes access and handling of medical information in hospital environments using touch-free Natural User Interfaces based on…
Brandon Klein Mar 14, 2013

Leap Motion - 3D interaction with your computer

The Leap is a small iPod sized USB peripheral that creates a 3D interaction space of 8 cubic feet to precisely interact with and control software on…
Brandon Klein Nov 14, 2012


Virtual Real Time Collaboration: a game changer tool that brings the world together for real estate developers, architects, sellers, brokers,…
Brandon Klein Jul 13, 2011


3d content like sketchup but collaborative and more
Brandon Klein Jul 02, 2011

Sensopia - Capture the Floor Plan of your House with MagicPlan

using phones camera to create floorplan of house
Brandon Klein Jun 12, 2011

The Infinite Adventure Machine - Blog - Etre

Based on the work of Vladimir Propp, who reduced the structure of Russian folk tales to 31 basic functions, the program creates outline stories…
Brandon Klein May 11, 2011