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[1401.1257] Optimal network clustering for information diffusion

We investigate the impact of community structure on information spreading with the linear threshold model. Contrary to the common belief that…
Brandon Klein Mar 25, 2014

Premise is a technology company building a global network to track macroeconomic and human development trends in real time.

Premise maps truth from the ground up.
Brandon Klein Mar 13, 2014

CoolaData | Unified Cloud Analytics

Think Data Service in the Cloud CoolaData is a behavioral data service empowering your data-driven business. It simplifies complex data structures…
Brandon Klein Feb 07, 2014

Online Privacy | Proxy | Disconnect

Why Disconnect
Brandon Klein Jan 08, 2014

GraphAlchemist - BI from Connected Data

Intelligence from connected data.
Brandon Klein Dec 28, 2013

How Far Did Your Tweet Travel? | TweetReach

Brandon Klein Dec 20, 2013

Efficient discovery of overlapping communities in massive networks

Detecting overlapping communities is essential to analyzing and exploring natural networks such as social networks, biological networks, and citation…
Brandon Klein Dec 19, 2013

New Study From LinkedIn Shows How User Mindset Affects Social Media Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

The new research emphasizes the concept of "The Mindset Divide," that social networkers have different needs, interests, and emotional drivers that…
Brandon Klein Dec 17, 2013

Ingenia: Quantified Text - The Automated Text Classifier Built Around You.

Ingenia analyses your textual content and automatically categorises it using your own tags. Description of image Machine Learning
Brandon Klein Dec 12, 2013


Vicarious is developing machine learning software based on the computational principles of the human brain. Our first technology is a visual…
Brandon Klein Dec 09, 2013