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ImpactSpace - data on impact companies

ImpactSpace is the open data platform powering the global impact marketplace. Together with our sister site, ImpactAlpha, we are providing stories…
Brandon Klein Jun 26, 2016 - machine learning to given each consumer a trust score

Trooly uses public and permissible digital footprints to understand and predict the trustworthiness of individuals and businesses. Using minimal and…
Brandon Klein Jun 20, 2016

Personality Insights

The IBM Watson Personality Insights service uses linguistic analytics to extract a spectrum of cognitive and social characteristics from the text…
Brandon Klein Aug 03, 2015


The API for importing address books
Brandon Klein Jan 29, 2015

Guesswork - customer prediction machine learning

Machine learning service to predict customer intent
Brandon Klein Aug 09, 2014

List of 25+ Natural Language Processing APIs

Natural Language Processing APINatural Language Processing, or NLP, is a field of computer science, artificial intelligence, and linguistics…
Brandon Klein Aug 08, 2014

Enterprise API Management | Digital Strategy | App Services | Apigee

Business at Digital Speed & Scale
Brandon Klein May 05, 2014

TrackViaHome » TrackVia

Online database
Brandon Klein Apr 01, 2014

TrueVault - HIPAA compliant data store

Secure API to store health data HIPAA compliance made easier for healthcare applications
Brandon Klein Mar 28, 2014 is a front end framework that solves performance for HTML5 apps works for phones, tablets, computers and televisions
Brandon Klein Mar 26, 2014