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Orgmapper software and consultancy

Brandon Klein Mar 09, 2016

Seateroo - swap seats for cas

the online market for airline seat swaps. Seateroo is bringing the sharing economy to air travel. Seateroo is a market where airline passengers may…
Brandon Klein Feb 23, 2016

Internet Free Calling App

Hijacking real phone lines to liberate international calling No internet needed
Brandon Klein Jan 27, 2016

Bizness Apps

White label full feature app maker.
Brandon Klein Jan 26, 2016

Peakon employee engagement

Performance through understanding. Introducing the real-time people analytics platform. Unparalleled insight into your organisation.
Brandon Klein Jan 26, 2016

Airtable - excel and database replacement

Organize anything you can imagine Airtable is a modern database created for everyone
Brandon Klein Dec 16, 2015


Champion the Dialogue you envision. For your company • For your clients • For your members Here's Why Convetit Works: Busy people make time when it's…
Brandon Klein Dec 15, 2015


Thrive with an Enterprise Software Unlike Any Other
Brandon Klein Nov 21, 2015

Swoop Talent - digital profiles on 150 million employees

Swoop is the best source of talent there is.  Since 2011 we’ve been building the most powerful, most scaleable and most accurate talent data…
Brandon Klein Nov 19, 2015

E-180 Brain Dates

E-180 stems from the hard-held belief that all humans possess the power to develop their full potential autonomously, with a little help from their…
Brandon Klein Nov 19, 2015