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Bizness Apps

White label full feature app maker.
Brandon Klein Jan 26, 2016

Elevator - The world’s first team-based hiring platform.

 Build Your Team
Brandon Klein Nov 18, 2015

Social Tables - seating for events software

Your reputation is spoken for
Brandon Klein Aug 11, 2014

5 app - byod app and company app store

Embrace BYOD, maximise productivity and stay in control. Enterprise App Store
Brandon Klein Jun 13, 2014

Health-Care Apps for Smartphones -

Cardiologist Eric Topol says he knew medicine had reached a turning point when patients started emailing him the results of do-it-yourself…
Brandon Klein Nov 18, 2013

Topi - personal connections at events

Document sharing The end of paper – save time and money. Everything you need to make your event more productive is available – from searchable…
Brandon Klein Aug 07, 2013

Hall - Enterprise Social Business Tool

    Group Chat
Brandon Klein Jul 23, 2013

TrustRadius - crowdsourced voting on enterprise software

TrustRadius is a professional community for sharing candid insights about enterprise technology through in-depth reviews and discussions. Expand the…
Brandon Klein Jul 18, 2013

The best educational iPad apps, handpicked by experts. - appoLearning

The best educational iPad apps, handpicked by experts. Our experts evaluate and score apps in dozens of categories for multiple age groups so you…
Brandon Klein Apr 15, 2013

Framebase | Easiest way to add video

For the marketer in you Fully Customizable
Brandon Klein Apr 08, 2013