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Kairos Face Recognition

We’ve taken the complexity out of facial recognition.
Brandon Klein Apr 24, 2015

Catchbox The World's First Throwable Microphone

The Catchbox got started more than one year ago at Aalto University, Finland. After seeing countless lectures and conferences where it was difficult…
Brandon Klein Dec 10, 2013

OP3Nvoice - spoken word to computer instantly

Our API, SDKs and plugins enable anyone to extract more knowledge from video and voice recordings. The API is in beta and is already being used by…
Brandon Klein Oct 10, 2013

Biba - Business Conferencing and Messaging

> Contacts & Presence
Brandon Klein Jun 25, 2013

VoiceBunny: Fast and professional voice overs.

Fast and professional voices 
Brandon Klein Jul 03, 2011

ÜberConference - Beta Sign Up

super smart audio conference
Brandon Klein Jun 15, 2011