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The Secrets of Great Teamwork

Today’s teams are different from the teams of the past: They’re far more diverse, dispersed, digital, and dynamic (with frequent changes in…
Brandon Klein Jul 13, 2016

Are Conferences The Future Of Work?

4. Design for serendipity
Brandon Klein Feb 23, 2016

How to Cultivate the Art of Serendipity

That’s why we need to develop a new, interdisciplinary field — call it serendipity studies — that can help us create a taxonomy of discoveries in the…
Brandon Klein Jan 25, 2016

Formal Learning a Total Waste - JAY CROSS – Pushing the Envelope to the End

Jay’s contribution to the field of organisational learning was huge. He made us think hard about the edges of our profession. When many were fretting…
Brandon Klein Nov 19, 2015

In the Company of Givers and Takers

Every day, employees make decisions about whether to act like givers or like takers. When they act like givers, they contribute to others without…
Brandon Klein Jun 08, 2015

Management 3.0

What is the definition of leadership?
Brandon Klein Mar 10, 2015

Herein a 737-page “Freebie”: EXCELLENCE. NO EXCUSES. 74 Ways to Launch Your Journey. Now. (And Then There’s Also “MOAP”)

Last October I wandered across a little item on the topic of “overcoming resistance to change.” As happens in life, that phrase turned out to be the…
Brandon Klein Jun 10, 2014

The Future Of Business: 4 Ways Companies Will Change | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

We've shifted to a business world where collaboration and connection are replacing hierarchy and bureaucracy. The outdated "alpha" notion of…
Brandon Klein Mar 25, 2014

What Is Wirearchy ? | Wirearchy

wirearchy is about the power and effectiveness of people working together through connection and collaboration … taking responsibility individually…
Brandon Klein Mar 11, 2014

Jack Ricchiuto

Jack Ricchiuto is best known across the US and globally for his experience as a writer engaged in shifting conversations to new narratives.
Brandon Klein Mar 10, 2014