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ClearStory - internal and external data for answers

Enable business users to drive their own data analysis and produce differentiated insights.
Brandon Klein Aug 24, 2014

Sense - big data analytics

A New Cloud Platform for Data Science and Big Data Analytics Collaborate on, scale, and deploy data analysis and advanced analytics projects…
Brandon Klein Aug 16, 2014

Video - machines taking 45% of human jobs

Great 15 minute video showing the future of machines.
Brandon Klein Aug 16, 2014

Collective Experience of Empathic Data Systems (

The project is called CEEDS — aka Collective Experience of Empathetic Data Systems — and involves a consortium of 16 different research partners…
Brandon Klein Aug 12, 2014

Understanding the group dynamics and success of teams

Tackling complex problems often requires coordinated group effort and can consume significant resources, yet our understanding of how teams form and…
Brandon Klein Jul 14, 2014

Big Data and Amazon ARticle

With connected data," Vogels says, "a shot is not something you do by looking in your competitor's eyes. You do it because a data scientist told you…
Brandon Klein Jun 30, 2014

ThoughtSpot BI

Your business is fast and data-hungry So why is your Business Intelligence complex and slow? It's time for a revolution. Imagine a new world...
Brandon Klein Jun 18, 2014

Business Intelligence - analytics in one friendly dashboard

Finally, Business Analytics Open for Business Users
Brandon Klein Jun 12, 2014

Reality Commons MIT human dynamics lab

Cell phones have become an important platform for the understanding of social dynamics and influence, because of their pervasiveness, sensing…
Brandon Klein Jun 01, 2014

Compare Prices for Surgeries

See what the same surgery costs at different providers
Brandon Klein May 30, 2014