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Clap to the Right or Left & Move Right to Left-Front to Back

PASS THE CLAP - Simple energizing exercise.
Brandon Klein Jun 19, 2013

Low Tech Social Network: Gamestorming for Collaboration

At a recent NEN E-Leader Workshop for leaders of Entrepreneurship Cells on college campuses, I used a version of theLow-Tech Real-Life Social…
Gaurav Mishra Jun 01, 2011

Accelerating 'Group Share' Time

I just used a novel (I think) report-out design that might be of interest. We rarely put the same effort into designing report-outs that we do into…
Dan Newman Feb 28, 2011

Change Your Introduction, Change The Atmosphere

At an event in Tucson, and in light of the recent events, we decided to take a different approach to the typical event introduction. Instead of one…
Mirra Fine Jan 24, 2011

STOP: Teach Art Before Your Customers Answer Questions

Many of us run individual perspectives activities designed to allow participants to communicate their thoughts and feelings in a different way.…
David Roberts Jan 14, 2011

Peanut Butter & Jelly Exercise

Looking for ways to get your team to understand the importance of details, instructions, and following a process? One of the best exercises to do…
Jonah Evans Sep 20, 2010

Inventions: Photo Guide Setup

Inventions. A corner stone module of DesignShops. Here is a photo guide for the Map Layout, Tools Table and Materials Table. And don't forget to read…
Robin Brooking Sep 01, 2010

Town Hall Meetings: Interactive & Collaborative

Town Hall Meetings- they happen in every company in every office around the world at least once a year... normally reserved for the leaders to drone…
Brandon Klein Aug 03, 2010

Bring Tim To Speed Up Meetings

There have been few inventions that actually improve meetings and collaboration during them. I am sure you have heard/tried them all. - No shoes -…
Brandon Klein Jun 09, 2010

Action Templates for Better Collaboration

Sometimes the most useful way to get people to collaborate together is to give them a piece of paper or wall or document that has pre-determined…
Robin Brooking May 19, 2010