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Simple Collaboration Tips and Tricks

For many of us, being a business person is the opportunity to show off our knowledge and expertise, providing answers to their challenging problems.…
Brandon Klein Jul 30, 2010

Collaboration Experiences: 1004

In the late 90’s, this Fortune 100 company and us began investigating a model for jointly creating a shared services entity (SSE) to reduce the…
Brandon Klein Apr 06, 2010

Collaboration Experiences: 1003

Due to the popularity of our Collaboration Experiences, we are continuing them on a weekly basis for the foreseeable future. Here is the latest- a…
Brandon Klein Feb 18, 2010

Collaboration Experiences: 1002

Our first collaboration experience post proved to be quite popular, so we are trying another installment. Let us know how you use them, and how we…
Brandon Klein Jan 21, 2010

Collaboration Experiences: 1001

We are testing a new addition to the site: Collaboration Experiences. These are the reflection, learnings, discoveries, best-practices etc. of a…
Brandon Klein Jan 07, 2010

People Science - putting people first... scientifically

Putting people first – Scientifically Communities, projects, and initiatives thrive when the people associated with them work well together. The most…
Brandon Klein Nov 12, 2008