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The Future of Consulting: PART ONE

The consultant of the future will have to possess characteristics not considered standard in today’s… PowerPoint, hide behind email and corporate…
Brandon Klein May 31, 2011

One Click Collaboration: Forums

It is worth mentioning that forums are one of the oldest forms of communicating online and one of the most powerful passive expressions of…
Brandon Klein May 15, 2010

Business Models Universe

Photo Credit: Innovation Labs If improved collaboration and business model innovation is the goal, and for most companies the evidence suggests that…
Michael Kaufman Feb 21, 2010

Business Collaboration: Building your Network

Whether for business, pleasure or personal growth, we all seek opportunities to participate in gatherings of likeminded individuals (or those with…
Brandon Klein Feb 10, 2010

People Science - putting people first... scientifically

Putting people first – Scientifically Communities, projects, and initiatives thrive when the people associated with them work well together. The most…
Brandon Klein Nov 12, 2008