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Hoffice Turns Your Apartment Into A Free—And Incredibly Productive—Coworking Space

One part of the concept isn't new: Nearly a decade ago, my friend Amit Gupta started inviting fellow freelancers over to his tiny Manhattan apartment…
Brandon Klein Mar 04, 2015

IBM Collaboration Agenda

PlanetIBM Collaboration Agenda™ is a consultative methodology to define and implement an integrated collaboration vision and solution for our…
Brandon Klein Apr 14, 2011

New York, New York (10002) Conditions & Forecast

the best weather on the web
Brandon Klein Mar 03, 2011

Text Message (SMS) Polls and Voting, Audience Response System | Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere replaces expensive proprietary audience response hardware with standard web technology. It's the easiest way to gather live responses…
Brandon Klein Feb 11, 2011

Extranet, Intranet Software and Project Management Tools: WorkZone

WorkZone brings internal and external project teams together. It gives you the tools to collaborate, assign tasks, and share documents with…
Brandon Klein Feb 06, 2011

Welcome to the MSI Knowledge base | Meeting Support Institute

The goal of the knowledge base of the Meeting Support Institute is to build a 'core base of knowledge' around Meeting Content and Meeting Support:…
Brandon Klein Feb 04, 2011