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Centeneo - Collaboration Frameworks

Collaboration Frameworks are the fuel that powers the engines of the Conteneo Collaboration Cloud. The frameworks are tailored for specific business…
Brandon Klein Jun 08, 2015

All Collaboration -

Focusing on collaboration, we offer points-of-view, original research, reviews of products and services, interviews with industry luminaries, and the…
Brandon Klein Mar 07, 2011

nGenera Software

Harness the power of collaboration
Brandon Klein Mar 05, 2011

History and Overview of Collaborative Strategies |

CS is an industry analyst and consulting firm that has focused on the collaborative software market since 1989. We have a long history in market…
Brandon Klein Feb 26, 2011

New Game-Plan - Brain-Pool Works

Our services and capabilities:
Brandon Klein Feb 05, 2011

Winning Workplaces | About Us

Winning Workplaces is a not-for-profit providing consulting, training and information to help small and midsize organizations create great…
Brandon Klein Jan 21, 2011

Decker Communications: Welcome

Our mission is to transform business communications. But, what exactly needs transforming?
Brandon Klein Jan 05, 2011

The Grove
Brandon Klein Jan 04, 2011