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Mattermark - Quantifying Private Company Growth for Startup Investors

Prospect the fastest growing technology companies with deal intelligence. Try
Brandon Klein Mar 26, 2014

Work Is Broken; Let's Hack It - Forbes

Just passing Labor Day in the USA makes an excellent time to consider something we all know and feel instinctively: Work is fundamentally broken. I…
Brandon Klein Sep 14, 2013

import•io - Home

    Orderly dataGet structured data from any webpage. Once you have defined the data pattern, put in any URL with the same pattern and the data you…
Brandon Klein Sep 13, 2013

Archimedes Incorporated | Healthcare Modeling |

Archimedes has developed a full-scale simulation model of human physiology, diseases, behaviors, interventions, and healthcare systems. By using…
Brandon Klein Feb 21, 2013

Root | Strategy Execution, Leadership Alignment, Manager Development, Interactiv...

Connecting Your People with Your Company Strategy 
Brandon Klein May 30, 2011

About Board of Innovation | Board of Innovation

3 key problems we solve for our clients
Brandon Klein May 30, 2011

Future Search - The Method - What is Future Search?

Future search is a PLANNING MEETING that helps people transform their capability for action very quickly. The meeting is task-focused. It brings…
Brandon Klein May 10, 2011

All Games «

About 20 games to try with clients.
Brandon Klein May 05, 2011

Innovation Games

Although The Innovation Games Company is a shining new star on the Serious Games scene, it was born out of many years of laboring and nurturing by…
Brandon Klein May 04, 2011

Inevitable « some things are meant to be …

I’m Samantha Laing… and I am passionate about enabling development teams to reach their full potential. I strive to make the entire process from…
Brandon Klein May 04, 2011