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Wow, it's great to meet you!

Each and every connection we make allows us to better collaborate and collectively create a greater impact. That's why we're eager to get to know you…
Meredith Klein May 19, 2017

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

Pwc research from 2014 on the volume of meetings:
Brandon Klein Mar 06, 2017

Are Conferences The Future Of Work?

4. Design for serendipity
Brandon Klein Feb 23, 2016

The latest event planning trends organizers must know to take their events to the next level

OUR FINDINGS #1 Survey findings summary #2 Event Marketing #3 Social Media #4 Budgeting the event #5 The state of event technology #6 The event…
Brandon Klein Jan 29, 2016

Kairos Face Recognition

We’ve taken the complexity out of facial recognition.
Brandon Klein Apr 24, 2015

Weave the People

Engaging Life at Work
Brandon Klein Jan 19, 2015

Conferences Disrupted with Collaboration

Three excellent articles by true trends spotters:
Brandon Klein Jan 07, 2015

Engineering Serendipity: The Story of Web Summit’s Growth

Our growth has been largely propelled by data science. Or more correctly, in my view, network science. While conference companies hire event…
Brandon Klein Jan 06, 2015

Stormz - Stormz designs and facilitates collaborative workshops that energize your events and engage your teams

Huge workshops under control! By combining methodology and technology, Stormz designs and facilitates collaborative workshops that energize your…
Brandon Klein Dec 02, 2014

Panel Feedback at Conferences

Enable Panelist and Attendee Networking
Brandon Klein Dec 02, 2014