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So, You Want to Be a Creative Genius? | Management Innovation eXchange

Is everyone creative? Sure they are but in very different ways and to varying degrees. There is a big difference between the folksong you wrote for…
Brandon Klein Sep 23, 2013

IHS Goldfire | Knowledge-Enabling Decision Making

In today’s global dynamic economy, manufacturers must operate more efficiently and innovate more aggressively than ever before. This means better…
Brandon Klein Mar 20, 2013

Oxford Creativity & TRIZ: Turning Good Engineers Into Great Engineers

TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving)was created by engineers, for engineers (so we can be confident that it works) and it works for everyone.…
Brandon Klein Mar 20, 2013

User Experience Design | Konigi

Definitions User Experience
Brandon Klein Mar 07, 2013

What Coke Contains — Editors' Picks — Medium

The number of individuals who know how to make a can of Coke is zero. The number of individual nations that could produce a can of Coke is zero. This…
Brandon Klein Mar 04, 2013

What if Google Could Think Like You Do? – ReadWrite

The next "space race" might be the race to develop a synthetic model of the human brain - one that Google and Microsoft will participate in, if a…
Brandon Klein Feb 21, 2013

Teachers ditch student desk chairs for yoga balls - Yahoo! News

WEST CHESTER, Pa. (AP) -- In 11 years of teaching, ditching students' desk chairs in favor of yoga balls is one of the best decisions Robbi Giuliano…
Brandon Klein Feb 20, 2013

Creative Intelligence | Digital Tonto

Albert Camus once said that “true art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.” Henry Ward Beecher similarly wrote that…
Brandon Klein Dec 17, 2012

Time of day effects on problem solving: When the non-optimal is optimal - Thinki...

In a study examining the effects of time of day on problem solving, participants solved insight and analytic problems at their optimal or non-optimal…
Brandon Klein Jun 09, 2011

Aereo | Home

tiny tv antennas that stream video to each subscriber
Brandon Klein Jun 08, 2011