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Common Crawl - free big data sets

Everyone should have the opportunity to indulge their curiosities, analyze the world and pursue brilliant ideas. Small startups or even individuals…
Brandon Klein Jul 16, 2015

Jombay - people analytics for hiring and teams

Reduce Hiring Errors, Predict Attrition and Identify Training Needs of your Company!
Brandon Klein May 01, 2015

Task Pipes

Never do repetitive data processing in spreadsheets again.
Brandon Klein Mar 20, 2015

TrackViaHome » TrackVia

Online database
Brandon Klein Apr 01, 2014

Effektif | BPM

Workflow simplified
Brandon Klein Jan 14, 2014

School Finance 101 | Data and thoughts on public and private school funding in the U.S.

Nate Silver of Education
Brandon Klein Dec 09, 2013

Home - Aver Informatics

"Aver is Nirvana" Web-based collaborative data exploration software with an elegant user interface. Massively Scalable, Intuitive, and Secure.
Brandon Klein Apr 08, 2013

How we die visualization

Non-communicable diseases
Brandon Klein Mar 18, 2013 — Claim your Trustworthy Data & Use it Anywhere

It’s a movement as dramatic as the Industrial Revolution: the consumer experience is rapidly evolving, with sharing becoming a more fulfilling…
Brandon Klein Mar 11, 2013

BBC News - Microsoft unveils self-sketching whiteboard prototype

Microsoft is working on an interactive whiteboard that aims to interpret users' sketches to complete the diagrams they were drawing.
Brandon Klein Mar 07, 2013