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WhereHows currently stores data about the status of 50,000 datasets, 14,000 comments and 35 million job executions. The company says all of this data

LinkedIn today open-sourced WhereHows, a meta data-centric tool the company has long used internally to make it easier for its employees to discover…
Brandon Klein Mar 04, 2016

Airtable - excel and database replacement

Organize anything you can imagine Airtable is a modern database created for everyone
Brandon Klein Dec 16, 2015

Swoop Talent - digital profiles on 150 million employees

Swoop is the best source of talent there is.  Since 2011 we’ve been building the most powerful, most scaleable and most accurate talent data…
Brandon Klein Nov 19, 2015

Common Crawl - free big data sets

Everyone should have the opportunity to indulge their curiosities, analyze the world and pursue brilliant ideas. Small startups or even individuals…
Brandon Klein Jul 16, 2015

Linkurious - visualize graph data

    The easiest way to explore graph databases
Brandon Klein Nov 26, 2014

OrgvueOrgVue - Visualise | Change | Deliver

Brandon Klein Mar 28, 2014

KnackHQ - web databases made simple

Great features for building your own web app
Brandon Klein Jul 28, 2013

wiki-links - Wikipedia Links Data - Google Project Hosting

Google Research just launched its Wikilinks corpus, a massive new data set for developers and researchers that could make it easier to add smart…
Brandon Klein Mar 08, 2013

Home | Looker - Business Intelligence into Everyone's Hands

Harness and expand the power of SQL. Enhance your analytics. Integrate query-based discovery into the way your organization makes decisions. Looker…
Brandon Klein Mar 06, 2013

Equilar Atlas - Bio, Compensation History and Connections

By accessing Equilar Atlas, you can view bios, network, salary and wealth events of industry-leading executives. More specifically, you'll be able to:
Brandon Klein Feb 27, 2013