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Bizness Apps

White label full feature app maker.
Brandon Klein Jan 26, 2016

AppGyver - create an app in minutes with logic

Composer Is the Fastest Way to Bootstrap High-quality Mobile Apps.
Brandon Klein May 23, 2014

Infoactive - diy infographics

Build interactive infographics and data visualizations
Brandon Klein Dec 17, 2013

Yapp - App yourself!

Add as many pages as you’d like. Re-arrange & rename them. Modules for invite, people, schedule, & more. Native Features Not just a pretty face.…
Brandon Klein Sep 24, 2013

Webflow - Responsive Web Design Tool

Create interactive websites without templates built for any sized screen
Brandon Klein Aug 05, 2013

POP - Prototyping on Paper | iPhone App Prototyping Made Easy

Design on Paper
Brandon Klein Jul 30, 2013

KnackHQ - web databases made simple

Great features for building your own web app
Brandon Klein Jul 28, 2013


AppArchitect is a platform for creating beautiful Mobile Apps
Brandon Klein Apr 29, 2013

Paper for the Web | Padlet / Wallwisher

We give you a blank page (a wall). You put anything you want on it, anywhere. Simple, yet powerful!  
Brandon Klein Feb 21, 2013

Kleverbeast - Create Beautiful Mobile Apps

Brandon Klein Feb 14, 2013