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One Codex - genomic data

One Codex is a search engine for genomic data, enabling new and valuable applications in clinical diagnostics, food safety, and biosecurity Our…
Brandon Klein Aug 16, 2014

1,000 Genomes

Project Overview
Brandon Klein Jun 25, 2014

SolvBio - genomics for developers

Clinical-grade genomics. Built for developers.
Brandon Klein May 18, 2014

Curious: We've got questions.

From founder of 23andme for quantified self
Brandon Klein Apr 15, 2014

Exogen Biotechnology, Inc. | Monitoring the Health of Your DNA

Exogen Biotechnology is a health startup aimed at developing cutting-edge technologies for individuals to monitor damage to their DNA and to assess…
Brandon Klein Feb 24, 2014

Prevent Genetic Disease before Pregnancy with a DNA Test - Counsyl

Before Pregnancy, One Simple Test Counsyl Universal Genetic Test, with visible saliva collection tube. Introducing the Universal Genetic Test
Brandon Klein Apr 30, 2013

CODE to CURE | Bina Technologies

Brandon Klein Mar 26, 2013


    Syapse is disrupting healthcare by bringing omics into routine medical use
Brandon Klein Jan 29, 2013

Hacking the President’s DNA - Andrew Hessel, Marc Goodman and Steven Kotler - The Atlantic

This is how the future arrived. It began innocuously, in the early 2000s, when businesses started to realize that highly skilled jobs formerly…
Brandon Klein Nov 03, 2012

The Cloud Will Cure Cancer | TechCrunch

Much ink has been spilled on the huge leaps in communications, social networking, and commerce that have resulted from impressive gains in IT and…
Brandon Klein Jun 11, 2011