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Leadership Develops When You Escape Your Comfort Zone

There are three zones of leadership that impact our development as leaders.
Brandon Klein Jul 01, 2015

Lean Innovation Management — Making Corporate Innovation Work

I’ve been working with large companies and the U.S. government to help them innovate faster– not just kind of fast, but 10x the number of initiatives…
Brandon Klein Jul 01, 2015

Inclusion and Diversity

Roundpegg, the culture management company, recently released the results of a study on the relationship between diversity and inclusion on…
Brandon Klein Jul 01, 2015

Generalized communities in networks

A substantial volume of research has been devoted to studies of community structure in networks, but communities are not the only possible form of…
Brandon Klein Jun 08, 2015

In the Company of Givers and Takers

Every day, employees make decisions about whether to act like givers or like takers. When they act like givers, they contribute to others without…
Brandon Klein Jun 08, 2015

The secret ingredient that makes some teams better than others

Culture defines any business, but it’s one of the hardest things to manage. In this extract from her new TED Book, Margaret Heffernan lays out the…
Brandon Klein May 21, 2015

How Best Practice Learning Methods Work in the Brain

Have you ever sat in a classroom as an adult, wondering why you were being asked certain questions, or invited to participate in certain activities?…
Brandon Klein May 21, 2015

Stock Photos That Don't Suck

Finding great stock photos is a pain. You’re left with either low-res amateur photos, people wearing cheesy headsets, or photos that are out of…
Brandon Klein May 02, 2015

Management 3.0

What is the definition of leadership?
Brandon Klein Mar 10, 2015

Grovo - online training improved for corporations

The fastest and most effective training for 21st century teams Request a demo Attention Documents Communication Security Platforms Search & Research…
Brandon Klein Feb 24, 2015