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Rethinking Executive Education: A Program for Responding to Sudden Disruptions Caused by Dynamic Complexity

Lately, many social systems (i.e., countries, organizations and projects) are experiencing adverse situations that are characterized as “dynamic…
Brandon Klein Jan 28, 2015

American Schools Are Training Kids for a World That Doesn’t Exist

To become a chef, a lawyer, a philosopher or an engineer, has always been a matter of learning what these professionals do, how and why they do it,…
Brandon Klein Oct 19, 2014

The Future of College? A brash tech entrepreneur thinks he can reinvent higher education by stripping it down to its essence

n a Friday morning in April, I strapped on a headset, leaned into a microphone, and experienced what had been described to me as a type of time…
Brandon Klein Sep 29, 2014

Looop - cloud training made simple

Looop is a new cloud-based training platform. Training anyone can create, delivered in a way that makes it easy to learn. Simple creation
Brandon Klein Sep 15, 2014

How Does the Brain Learn Best? Smart Studying Strategies

In his new book, “How We Learn: The Surprising Truth about When, Where, and Why It Happens,” author Benedict Carey informs us that “most of our…
Brandon Klein Aug 29, 2014

Learning and Development - Nothing Has Changed. Everything Has Changed.

I’ve recently read Clark Quinn’s excellent new ‘Revolutionize Learning & Development’ book. Clark always provides a thoughtful and enlightening…
Brandon Klein Aug 16, 2014

Language Sprout — Join the Language Revolution!

Language Sprout envisions a Minnesota in which every child is equipped with multilingualism. To this end, we strive to provide quality foreign…
Brandon Klein Apr 24, 2014

Technology is disrupting executive education Forum:Blog | The World Economic Forum

Much has been written about how technology is transforming education. Still, more has been written about how technology is driving disruption in…
Brandon Klein Apr 16, 2014

River - Software for Social Learning, Knowledge Sharing, Coaching and Mentoring

Social learning
Brandon Klein Mar 28, 2014

70:20:10 Framework - 70:20:10 Training | 70:20:10 Forum

The 70:20:10 framework is rooted in research carried out through the 1980s at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) in North Carolina, and is…
Brandon Klein Mar 24, 2014