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QuizUp is leveraging its strong gaming platform to make employee learning fun and competitive.
Brandon Klein Aug 31, 2015

Why GE had to kill its annual performance reviews after more than three decades

The move by more and larger companies away from annual reviews and ratings is well past due, say management theorists. Years of research, from both…
Brandon Klein Aug 21, 2015

Organizational Chart Inference

Nowadays, to facilitate the communication and cooperation among employees, a new family of online social networks has been adopted in many companies,…
Brandon Klein Aug 10, 2015

Wasted time in meetings costs businesses £26 billion

New research from Epson and the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) has found workers waste two hours and 39 minutes in meetings every…
Brandon Klein Jun 08, 2015

The Enterprise Transformation Conundrum

Everywhere you turn these days, companies are being challenged to transform, innovate and think like a designer.
Brandon Klein May 28, 2015

Optimaze - optimized work spaces

Uncover the optimal workplace to meet your needs
Brandon Klein May 05, 2015

Jombay - people analytics for hiring and teams

Reduce Hiring Errors, Predict Attrition and Identify Training Needs of your Company!
Brandon Klein May 01, 2015

Play and Clubs Made All The Difference For Invention of Lasers, Cell Phones and Nobel Winners

This video was made to observe the 20th anniversary of the opening of Bell Laboratories’ complex in Holmdel, New Jersey. The famed research center…
Brandon Klein Apr 21, 2015

Google is tackling the science of how to build excellent teams

Project Oxygen started out as an attempt by Google’s People and Innovation Lab (PiLab) to prove that managers don’t really matter. The internal team…
Brandon Klein Apr 10, 2015

Tesla, the fastest-growing stock in the automotive industry, is run by a software engineer. Amazon has a market cap three times bigger than Target,…
Brandon Klein Apr 05, 2015