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Keekit - online white board

Work with a real-time whiteboard.
Brandon Klein May 13, 2015

Optimaze - optimized work spaces

Uncover the optimal workplace to meet your needs
Brandon Klein May 05, 2015

Cardboard Environment

If it wasn't already clear through common sense, it's become painfully clear through science that sitting all day is terrible for your health. What's…
Brandon Klein Apr 27, 2015

Smart Marker

Brandon Klein Mar 11, 2015

Modular magnetic LED lights

The BIT Light™ is a new modular lighting system that provides an alternative means of adjusting the illumination level found with most lighting…
Brandon Klein Feb 11, 2015

Screen Savers

Form follows function screen savers and artwork
Brandon Klein Feb 10, 2015

Stop or not? How behavioral factors affect decisions related to work interruptions

Work, interrupted
Brandon Klein Jan 29, 2015


Cool toys and activities for all collaboration type events.
Brandon Klein Jan 05, 2015

HELLO! My Name Is LED Nametag Kit

With the HELLO! My Name Is LED Nametag Kit you can stand out from the crowd, instead of scrawling your name on the ubiquitous "Hello, My Name Is:"…
Brandon Klein Dec 05, 2014

Tala LED that looks like normal light buld from the early days

When people think of LED light bulbs, cumbersome design and questionable light quality often come to mind. Tala's Golden Sapphire combines classic…
Brandon Klein Nov 26, 2014