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Uzzi and Spiro 2005 - AJS - Collaboration and Creativity - The Small World Problem

success of new musical productions in the twentieth century relies upon two key parameters: the ratio of new blood versus industry veterans, and the…
Brandon Klein Dec 21, 2016

Future of Work Is Consulting Organization

Teams Need the Future of Work Now
Brandon Klein Mar 09, 2016

1993 HBR Informal Networks Article

Old and classic.
Brandon Klein Jun 11, 2015

The secret ingredient that makes some teams better than others

Culture defines any business, but it’s one of the hardest things to manage. In this extract from her new TED Book, Margaret Heffernan lays out the…
Brandon Klein May 21, 2015

Decentralization: Why Dumb Networks Are Better The smart choice is innovation at the edge

“Every device employed to bolster individual freedom must have as its chief purpose the impairment of the absoluteness of power.” — Eric Hoffer
Brandon Klein Mar 10, 2015

When Senior Managers Won’t Collaborate

The Benefits to the Firm
Brandon Klein Feb 13, 2015

Most HR Data Is Bad Data

How good a rater do you think you are? If you were my manager and you watched my performance for an entire year, how accurate do you think your…
Brandon Klein Feb 10, 2015

Inducing Peer Pressure to Promote Cooperation

Cooperation in a large society of self-interested individuals is notoriously difficult to achieve when the externality of one individual's action is…
Brandon Klein Aug 16, 2014

Improving marketing success: The role of tacit knowledge exchange between sales and marketing

Successful organizations adapt their marketing strategies to marketplace changes. Boundary spanners, such as salespeople, because they are able to…
Brandon Klein Apr 24, 2014

▶ How Cities are Engineering Serendipity: Greg Lindsay at TEDxDumbo - YouTube

Proximity has the most to do with engineering serendipity. We do a terrible job organizing companies to meet people.     "Journalist Greg Lindsay…
Brandon Klein Mar 18, 2014