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Impraise - continuous coworker feedback

360 degree feedback Impraise 360 Degree Feedback
Brandon Klein Apr 11, 2016

Impraise - Help people become better at their job

Help people become better at their job.
Brandon Klein Dec 03, 2014

Wedgies - quick social polls

Drive Social Engagement Use Wedgies to grow social engagment. An empowered audience is a vocal one.
Brandon Klein Aug 11, 2014

polar - Instant Opinions & Engagement mobile polls

Instant Opinions & Engagement
Brandon Klein Aug 11, 2014

Sleep or think

Event participants with simple feedback
Brandon Klein Mar 24, 2014

Using Feedback Loops To Move From Collaboration To Collective Impact - Forbes

But this is not enough. If we are going to sustain feedback loops or continuous improvement methodologies, we need incentives. The primary incentive,…
Brandon Klein Nov 04, 2013

Have a Say at Me -- the tool for anonymous and honest personal feedback

Get anonymous and honest feedback about you. Create your personal feedback URL. Example People will write anonymous and honest opinions about you on…
Brandon Klein Nov 06, 2012

Samsung LFD Monitors

Brandon Klein Oct 31, 2012

Treato - public feedback about all drugs

Let's patients share experience with drugs for everyone to learn from.
Brandon Klein Oct 31, 2012

The customer support help desk for native apps | Helpshift

in app help service for your app
Brandon Klein Oct 31, 2012