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The Neurochemistry of Positive Conversations

Chemistry plays a big role in this phenomenon. When we face criticism, rejection or fear, when we feel marginalized or minimized, our bodies produce…
Brandon Klein Feb 10, 2015

Even Just the Presence of a Smartphone Lowers the Quality of In-Person Conversations

“Even without active use, the presence of mobile technologies has the potential to divert individuals from face-to-face exchanges, thereby…
Brandon Klein Jul 26, 2014

Inferring friendship network structure by using mobile phone data

Data collected from mobile phones have the potential to provide insight into the relational dynamics of individuals. This paper compares…
Brandon Klein Dec 13, 2013

BillPin — Splitting bills made easy

What should I use BillPin for?
Brandon Klein Feb 21, 2013

Actual Friends Making the News

Real news.
Brandon Klein Jan 02, 2013

Social Web Blog: Introducing the ClackPoint gadget

The ClackPoint gadget doesn't just let your users chat live in a text-based chat room, it also lets them dial in and talk either directly from their…
Brandon Klein Jan 11, 2011