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The decisive thing is your network. Work is interaction.

Networks provide problem-solving capability that results directly from the richness of communication and the amount of connectivity. What happens in…
Brandon Klein Jul 03, 2017

Future of AI learning

The need for creating meticulously designed training programs will be gone — (Some compliance programs may still be around.) Communities of…
Brandon Klein May 03, 2016

Network leadership

The future focus of interactive technologies should be on the enabling constraints of responsiveness. Extended intelligence requires extended…
Brandon Klein Apr 11, 2016

The Future of Work Is

Nearly 70% of workers are disengaged. Not a few, not some: the majority. One in every two employees that quit their job do so because they’re tired…
Brandon Klein Mar 26, 2016

Where Web Content Meets True Network Intelligence An essay on the future of information networks and ‘socialized’ media…

Global brands are hiring less and less agencies to do their marketing, advertising and outreach for them, and are instead exploring the intersections…
Brandon Klein Sep 29, 2015

The World in 2025 Predictions and Future Trends

1. A $1,000 Human Brain
Brandon Klein Jul 01, 2015

Why the future of SAAS isn’t SAAS, it’s network effects.

There’s a pattern that we’ve seen played out in the consumer internet space over the last 8 years and the template plays out as follows:
Brandon Klein Feb 19, 2015

Healthcare Predictions For 2015

Walmart becomes your healthcare insurer
Brandon Klein Dec 30, 2014

Why Cognition-as-a-Service is the next operating system battlefield — Tech News and Analysis

The Semantic Web may have failed, but higher intelligence is coming to applications anyway, in another form: Cognition-as-a-Service (CaaS). And this…
Brandon Klein Dec 09, 2013

Connected Air: Smart Dust Is The Future Of The Quantified World – ReadWrite

The year is 2035, and Sgt. Bill Traverse and his team of commandos are performing a “sweep and clean” operation through a portion of the war-torn…
Brandon Klein Nov 16, 2013