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QuizUp is leveraging its strong gaming platform to make employee learning fun and competitive.
Brandon Klein Aug 31, 2015

Training Games

This section contains more than 400 ready-to-use training games and activities. Most of them were published in the Thiagi GameLetter.
Brandon Klein Feb 10, 2015

A Social Brain Is a Smarter Brain - Andy Zynga - Harvard Business Review

It is well established that brain games and puzzles act as calisthenics for our brains, expanding their capacity and improving their overall health.…
Brandon Klein May 08, 2014

Mind Paths | Socientize Project Website

What is the perceived relation between words? This is still a complex issue for semantic specialists.
Brandon Klein Dec 16, 2013

Tour | Officevibe

Tons of Daily Activities
Brandon Klein Sep 25, 2013

Your Board Game Is In My Video Game: Tangible Play Mixes The Real And Virtual | TechCrunch

What do you get when you put a pair of board gaming geeks who have worked at NVIDIA, Google, LucasArts, and Ubisoft together in the same room? It…
Brandon Klein Sep 10, 2013

LevelEleven || Motivate & Reward Salespeople in

How do you motivate your employees?
Brandon Klein Sep 09, 2013

ASK Platform - social learning

Do your employees know what they need to know?
Brandon Klein Aug 30, 2013

pete roessler | likes agile, lean and sustainable meeting facilitation

We need to collaborate more within our teams, with our managers and with our customers. Books like Gamestorming (David Gray) and Innovation Games…
Brandon Klein Apr 08, 2013

High Resolves - changing education

The High Resolves Global Citizenship and Leadership Programs together offer a three-year transformational experience for high school students in…
Brandon Klein Apr 08, 2013