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Housatonic Design Network | Books

We think that we learn by doing. But we are also constantly looking for new ideas and inspiration. That’s why we invest a lot in books and all sorts…
Brandon Klein Jan 27, 2014

"MY handwriting as a FONT?!"

"MY handwriting as a FONT?!" YEP!
Brandon Klein Nov 08, 2013

"MY handwriting as a FONT?!"

"MY handwriting as a FONT?!" YEP!
Brandon Klein Oct 25, 2013

Dribbble - Popular

Awesome creative visuals by sweet artists.
Brandon Klein Mar 06, 2013

About Uninvited Redesigns - Uninvited Redesigns

Uninvited redesigns is a way to show the world your design talent and „persuade the people on the importance of design” (Jared Spool). Hey, this is…
Brandon Klein Nov 16, 2012

InfoGraphic: 9 Types of Collaborators

Self identification is tough. Collaborate with someone and have them write down what type of collaborator they think you are.  This is also a great…
Brandon Klein Sep 30, 2011

The Hive Group

The Hive Group develops visualization software used by major corporations and government agencies. The company builds highly immersive visual…
Brandon Klein Apr 25, 2011

elements-of-collaboration.png (PNG Image, 1600x1122 pixels) - Scaled (67%)

74 Collaboration patterns
Brandon Klein Apr 15, 2011

NextSlide, Better Online Presentations

Brandon Klein Apr 02, 2011

Google Chart Tools / Interactive Charts (aka Visualization API) - Google Code

The Google Visualization API lets you access multiple sources of structured data that you can display, choosing from a large selection of…
Brandon Klein Apr 02, 2011