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The Secret of Buckminister Fuller’s World-Changing Ideas Was Serendipity

In his 2016 book, You Belong to the Universe, Jonathon Keats sets out to release Buckminister Fuller from “the zany sci-fi designs that made him…
Brandon Klein Feb 20, 2017

Complexity Rising: From Human Beings to Human Civilization, a Complexity Profile

Since time immemorial humans have complained that life is becoming more complex, but it is only now that we have a hope to analyze formally and…
Brandon Klein Dec 05, 2016

Why Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Few Americans today say they know their neighbors’ names, and far fewer report interacting with them on a daily basis. Pulling data from the General…
Brandon Klein Aug 24, 2015

Serendipity: Creative Process between Accident and Sagacity

The notion of serendipity is quickly becoming an important reference for the creative industries as well as for our innovation-obsessed economy in…
Brandon Klein Aug 29, 2014

The art of conversation: Chattering classes | The Economist

SIR ISAIAH BERLIN, a Latvian-born Oxford philosopher who died in 1997, may well have ranked among the greatest conversationalists who ever lived.…
Brandon Klein Jan 08, 2014


tracks phone - everything on yur phone
Brandon Klein Jun 12, 2011