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Retaliation Tactics for Facilitators in Meetings, Workshops & Events

We have all been there. Listening to someone talk about what you already know. Smiling at a facilitator who is trying to herd cats. A PowerPoint deck…
Brandon Klein Aug 06, 2018

Wow, it's great to meet you!

Each and every connection we make allows us to better collaborate and collectively create a greater impact. That's why we're eager to get to know you…
Meredith Klein May 19, 2017

5 Ideo Kickstarting Exercises

More and more designers are using improv games in order to get groups in the mood to collaborate. There are many of these games, taught at places…
Brandon Klein Aug 27, 2016

Google Ventures Design and Product Sprint Weeks Design

At Google Ventures, we have a five-day process for taking a product or feature from design through prototyping and testing. We call it a product…
Brandon Klein Nov 18, 2014

Online brainstorming and planning tool for team activities

Activity-based maps that gets everyone on the same page.
Brandon Klein Aug 29, 2013

- Icebreaker games collection

Phew – just in time for the first few weeks of class! Our editors have handpicked more than 25 of our favorite icebreakers and group activities and…
Brandon Klein Mar 06, 2013

Improvisational Icebreakers: Video Series |

Improvisational theatre is a form of theatre in which the actors use improvisational acting techniques to perform spontaneously. Actors typically use…
Brandon Klein Mar 06, 2013


Great list of icebreakers!
Brandon Klein Mar 06, 2013

Single Finger Clap Icebreaker

Some call it a "Rain Exercise."
Brandon Klein Feb 12, 2013

InfoGraphic: 9 Types of Collaborators

Self identification is tough. Collaborate with someone and have them write down what type of collaborator they think you are.  This is also a great…
Brandon Klein Sep 30, 2011