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Kickbox - innovation in a box from Adobe

What is Kickbox?
Brandon Klein Feb 19, 2015

Stormboard - Online Brainstorming & Collaboration

Online Brainstorming & Collaboration Brainstorm, organize, prioritize and act on the best ideas, in the same room or around the world, on a realtime…
Brandon Klein Nov 26, 2014

You're More Biased Than You Think

Even the most open-minded person harbors a lot of unconscious biases. Here's how to start recognizing and eliminating them.
Brandon Klein Nov 18, 2014

Blank Canvas

Visual postits online sharing with default canvas like business model canvas and lean startup...
Brandon Klein Oct 20, 2014

Mind Mixer

How It Works Discover Great Ideas
Brandon Klein Sep 15, 2014

Experiment Board by Javelin - Test your startup idea without wasting time or money

Just like the business model canvas!
Brandon Klein Mar 18, 2014

Three Creativity Challenges from IDEO's Leaders - Tom Kelley and David Kelley - Harvard Business Review

People often ask us how they can become more creative. Through our work at the global design and innovation firm IDEO and David’s work at Stanford…
Brandon Klein Nov 18, 2013

Atul Gawande: How Do Good Ideas Spread? : The New Yorker

Consider the very different trajectories of surgical anesthesia and antiseptics, both of which were discovered in the nineteenth century. The first…
Brandon Klein Aug 17, 2013

Contract for the American Dream

The Contract for the American Dream is our blueprint for creating an economy that works for all of us. We're looking for the best ideas to rebuild…
Brandon Klein May 11, 2011

Idea Management - Innovation Management - Crowdsourcing - Suggestion Box - Custom

Are you listening to your customers?
Brandon Klein Jan 17, 2011