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Slack Workspace Manifesto

Slack Workspace Manifesto
Brandon Klein Jun 20, 2016

The Unfair Truth About How Creative People Really Succeed On Networks, Connections, and Relationships By Jeff Goins

Hemingway, Paris, and Enduring Work
Brandon Klein Sep 29, 2015

Cult of Done Manifesto

The Cult of Done Manifesto
Brandon Klein Nov 17, 2014

Health Tip: Find Purpose in Life - The Atlantic

So some of the roughly $3.8 trillion in U.S. medical spending could be defrayed, it seems, with purposeful cultivation of community and meaning. Only…
Brandon Klein Nov 06, 2014

Around The World In 20 Experiences: The Ultimate Bucket List

At some point in the past century, we got bored with ordinary vacations and started searching for the extraordinary. Summiting the world's highest…
Brandon Klein Oct 15, 2014

Welcome to the store of Startup Vitamins

Brandon Klein Oct 14, 2014

Just Leak It - anonymous email

Send anonymous email to anyone.
Brandon Klein Aug 05, 2014

Creative Sculptures

Our cities are full of majestic monuments, stunning sculptures and artistic statues, each having a story to tell. Thousands of them have been made…
Brandon Klein Jul 28, 2014

Hilarious Post-it Notes Left on the Train for Motivation and Cheer

Brandon Klein Jul 24, 2014

Bryan Stevenson: We need to talk about an injustice | Talk Video |

In an engaging and personal talk — with cameo appearances from his grandmother and Rosa Parks — human rights lawyer Bryan Stevenson shares some hard…
Brandon Klein Apr 21, 2014