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Advanced Collaboration: Student Presentations

My daughter is in second grade. For her research project this quarter, she was tasked with creating and giving a presentation. Asking to borrow my…
Brandon Klein Mar 06, 2017

Social Learning

It's importance will become more and more. Past research must be noted:
Brandon Klein Mar 06, 2017

Future of AI learning

The need for creating meticulously designed training programs will be gone — (Some compliance programs may still be around.) Communities of…
Brandon Klein May 03, 2016

Guru - knowledge management

We believe that the knowledge you need to do your job should be brought to you directly in your workflow, where and when you need it. It sounds…
Brandon Klein Sep 08, 2015


So you’ve decided you want to try peer learning? Maybe you’ve already found a few people who will support you in this effort. Congratulations! It’s…
Brandon Klein Nov 16, 2014

GLG - transforming the way the world’s top professionals share expertise and learn.

We help you learn fast, on the subjects where you need the most help, from the specific people who can teach you the most.
Brandon Klein Sep 21, 2014

ClearStory - internal and external data for answers

Enable business users to drive their own data analysis and produce differentiated insights.
Brandon Klein Aug 24, 2014

Learning and Development - Nothing Has Changed. Everything Has Changed.

I’ve recently read Clark Quinn’s excellent new ‘Revolutionize Learning & Development’ book. Clark always provides a thoughtful and enlightening…
Brandon Klein Aug 16, 2014

The Neurochemistry of Positive Conversations

Why do negative comments and conversations stick with us so much longer than positive ones?
Brandon Klein Jun 16, 2014

Everything You’ll Ever Need To Know About Gamification | TechCrunch

A friend of mine once relayed this quote (as a joke) to me about consulting: “Why make money solving the problem, when you can make so much more by…
Brandon Klein Nov 19, 2012