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Weave Now - linkedin networking with people nearby app - tinder for linkedin

Brandon Klein May 01, 2014

EnterpriseJungle : Discover Professionals You Should Know - Dashboard

WHO WILL YOU DISCOVER? Discover peers inside and outside your enterprise that you should know The web and mobile application that finds the most…
Brandon Klein Dec 21, 2013

Five Hundred Plus

Uses your linkedin connections and reminds you to reach out to them weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually. Good idea.
Brandon Klein Mar 01, 2013

The Network Effect Isn’t Good Enough | TechCrunch

STORED VALUE Stored value comes in four forms, and companies leverage these tiny investments to build lock-in to their service and retain users.
Brandon Klein Nov 04, 2012

Muxi : the first professional social network

Composed of 40 fraternities, Muxi offers its users a platform where they can share their experience, ask questions, find colleagues and more…
Brandon Klein Jul 03, 2011

Zao - Hire well, fast! - Social Recruiting and Employee Referral Program Managem...

You love referral hires, but your referral bonus program is limited to your employees. That leaves out ex-employees, vendors and your entire trusted…
Brandon Klein Jul 02, 2011