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Visual Machine Learned Patterns

Images about the same from google maps
Brandon Klein Jun 12, 2016

HireVue - video analyzed interviews

Interview the right people at the right time
Brandon Klein Mar 26, 2016

Guru - knowledge management

We believe that the knowledge you need to do your job should be brought to you directly in your workflow, where and when you need it. It sounds…
Brandon Klein Sep 08, 2015

Personality Insights

The IBM Watson Personality Insights service uses linguistic analytics to extract a spectrum of cognitive and social characteristics from the text…
Brandon Klein Aug 03, 2015

Skills Database

The Project
Brandon Klein Jan 08, 2015

MetaMind - deep learning for ai in the enterprise

AI for Enterprise
Brandon Klein Jan 05, 2015

The Grid - ai website builder

This is not another do-it-yourself website builder. The Grid harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to take everything you throw at it -…
Brandon Klein Oct 09, 2014

Big data is better data

Kenneth Cukier is the Data Editor of The Economist. From 2007 to 2012 he was the Tokyo correspondent, and before that, the paper’s technology…
Brandon Klein Oct 06, 2014

Data Robot

Better predictions. Faster. Build and deploy accurate predictive models in and in a fraction of the time. Join Our Beta 8,787,900 Models Built Using…
Brandon Klein Sep 26, 2014

Data for Good Share data-driven projects for social good

How can I use this site?
Brandon Klein Sep 26, 2014