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Excess Management Is Costing the U.S. $3 Trillion Per Year

In total, then, there are 21.4 million employees in the U.S. workforce — 12.5 million managers and the equivalent of 8.9 million individual…
Brandon Klein Sep 09, 2016

Holacracy at Zappos: It’s either the future of management or a social experiment gone awry

“The hardest part is operating in two worlds right now,” says Hsieh, who currently sits in 16 circles and holds a few dozen roles including lead link…
Brandon Klein Jan 28, 2015

How to change a company from the inside | Business |

That "send in the entrepreneurs" approach to management already has its own corporate buzzword: "intrapreneurship". Intrapreneurs are supposed to be…
Brandon Klein Dec 21, 2013


organize day
Brandon Klein Jul 17, 2011

Meraki Systems Manager

Scalable cloud based mobile device management
Brandon Klein Jul 03, 2011 – Free Screen Sharing

Excellent, instant screen sharing - virtual meeting software - web based
Brandon Klein Apr 16, 2011

Home | Management Innovation eXchange

The MIX is an open innovation project aimed at reinventing management for the 21st century. Here on the MIX impassioned innovators from around the…
Brandon Klein Mar 16, 2011

How (and Why) to Stop Multitasking - Peter Bregman - Harvard Business Review

A study showed that people distracted by incoming email and phone calls saw a 10-point fall in their IQs. What's the impact of a 10-point drop? The…
Brandon Klein Mar 08, 2011

Scrum (development) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Scrum is an iterative, incremental framework for agile software development. Although the word is not an acronym, some companies implementing the…
Brandon Klein Mar 05, 2011

Digital Landfill

Latest data, trends, and statistics on document management, records management, content management, scanning, BPM and ECM from AIIM President John…
Brandon Klein Mar 05, 2011