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Up Fluence

An influential approach.
Brandon Klein Oct 13, 2014

polar - Instant Opinions & Engagement mobile polls

Instant Opinions & Engagement
Brandon Klein Aug 11, 2014

Journey Builder - 1:1 marketing relationships

Journey Builder empowers you to guide your customers on 1:1 journeys across channels and devices—and deliver premium experiences throughout every…
Brandon Klein Jul 31, 2014

The Profit-Driven Marketer: Setting a New Standard for Performance

There’s a new trend driving successful digital advertising campaigns: profit-driven marketing. It flips digital tradition on its head by approaching…
Brandon Klein Jun 01, 2014


Content Marketing Cloud.
Brandon Klein May 18, 2014

The Future of Marketing -- and Next Generation Social Science: A Visit to the Center for Advanced Modeling | Christopher Meyer

We began with a five-step argument (see chart below):
Brandon Klein Apr 25, 2014

(Tacit) Knowledge Is Power

(Tacit) Knowledge Is Power
Brandon Klein Apr 21, 2014

VOTO Mobile – Home

VOTO amplifies the voice of the under-heard. Our mobile phone notification and survey platform removes the barriers to insightful mobile…
Brandon Klein Apr 15, 2014

TapDog | Welcome

Insights What can you uncover about a company? Traffic & SEO Understand their website. Answer questions like: How many people use it? Is it on the…
Brandon Klein Mar 20, 2014

Simply Measured | Easy Social Media Measurement & Analytics

Social Media Analytics Designed for Serious Marketers
Brandon Klein Mar 18, 2014