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Meeting Magic - Magical meetings every time

Meeting Magic facilitates participative and productive meetings. From strategic planning with leadership teams to large group meetings and…
Brandon Klein Feb 07, 2013


Continuum is a global innovation and design consultancy. For three decades, the company focus has been to help organizations drive business…
Brandon Klein Feb 07, 2013

North Star Facilitators

Facilitating Big Picture Thinking For A More Thoughtful World
Brandon Klein Feb 07, 2013

Duke University Corporate Education Modules

ACTIAC.pdf BuildingFuture.pdf CanWeTalkAboutROI.pdf ClassroomWithoutWall..> CultureofSafety.pdf DestinationMumbai.pdf FastGrowingMarkets.pdf…
Brandon Klein Nov 30, 2012

Cisco Communities

degrees of behavior change 2 by 2 matrix
Brandon Klein Jul 21, 2011

Facilitated Process Triage workshops that map an executive process owner's business process, develop an operational situational awareness snap-shot,…
Brandon Klein Apr 16, 2011

Wikinomics – Design charrettes for platform projects

A few weeks ago I had lunch with a friend who introduced me to the concept of design charrettes (no, it’s not a classy version of Chat Roulette). A…
Brandon Klein Apr 10, 2011

Wikinomics – Design charrettes for platform projects

Here’s how it works. In a typical project, as time goes on, the ability to make changes that greatly impact resource allocation and design…
Brandon Klein Apr 04, 2011

Scrum (development) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Scrum is an iterative, incremental framework for agile software development. Although the word is not an acronym, some companies implementing the…
Brandon Klein Mar 05, 2011

The Business Model Universe

If business model innovation is the goal, and for most companies the evidence suggests that it should be, then we need a way to get there.
Brandon Klein Mar 03, 2011