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Growth Mindset Revisit

    I already have it, and I always have. People often confuse a growth mindset with being flexible or open-minded or with having a positive outlook…
Brandon Klein Jun 12, 2016

Mohiomap - mind maps for files and evernote

Connect to Evernote, Dropbox, and Google Drive
Brandon Klein Aug 04, 2014

Disney and How it Works Map

Great map of how all their divisions work. 
Brandon Klein Jun 19, 2013

Team Building is Not an Annual Affair | The QuickBase Blog

What kind of image do you conjure up when someone mentions the phrase “team building.” If your head starts spinning with visions of trust falls, rock…
Brandon Klein Apr 06, 2011

Your Business - MindMeister Mind Map

Links to all social tools in mindmap form
Brandon Klein Mar 18, 2011

The Digital Photograhy Ecosystem - MindMeister Mind Map

All photo web links
Brandon Klein Mar 18, 2011

Google Image Swirl

Google Swirl - mindmap image creator/finder
Brandon Klein Mar 14, 2011

15 Great Mindmapping Tools and Apps | Spyre Studios

Mindmapping is the process of drawing up diagrams that show relations between various ideas, tasks or information. For many of us this shows to…
Brandon Klein Mar 09, 2011 - DeliciousMind = + FreeMind mindmap

Turn Delicious bookmarks into a mindmap
Brandon Klein Feb 17, 2011