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List of 25+ Natural Language Processing APIs

Natural Language Processing APINatural Language Processing, or NLP, is a field of computer science, artificial intelligence, and linguistics…
Brandon Klein Aug 08, 2014

Unbabel - Machine + Crowd Translation you can trust

Translation as a service Human corrected machine translation service that enables businesses to communicate globally.     Discover new markets    …
Brandon Klein Mar 24, 2014

Wit — Natural language for the Internet of Things

Natural Language for the Internet of Things
Brandon Klein Mar 18, 2014


Voice search Saved meetings can be searched like your email inbox. Search for a word or person in any meeting. Also find highlights and action items…
Brandon Klein Mar 14, 2014

Quality of sentiment analysis

How good is the state-of-the-art in sentiment detection? If you look at scientific litera- ture, there exist numerous approaches to the topic and…
Brandon Klein Jan 20, 2014

Mind Paths | Socientize Project Website

What is the perceived relation between words? This is still a complex issue for semantic specialists.
Brandon Klein Dec 16, 2013