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Kickstarter - lunch roulette

Kickstarter's culture is a core part of who we are as a company and team. Our team hails from a hugely diverse set of backgrounds – Perry was working…
Brandon Klein Jul 17, 2014

Jublia - The simplest way to multiply (and measure) face-to-face interactions

Track Networking Potential
Brandon Klein Jul 02, 2014

Valdis Krebs and Stowe Boyd

Last, but not least, is the ability to be a ‘network thinker’. Can you think in connections, emergence, and patterns and how that all combines to…
Brandon Klein Jun 30, 2014

3 dimensions for individuals in the networked age

The networked information economy improves the practical capacities of individuals along three dimensions: (1) it improves their capacity to do more…
Brandon Klein May 20, 2014

nextSociety - Your ultimate networking tool!

nextSociety powered by Rackspace Social Media Week and nextSociety Pioneers Festival and nextSociety How It Works Tell us what you are looking for…
Brandon Klein May 02, 2014

Weave Now - linkedin networking with people nearby app - tinder for linkedin

Brandon Klein May 01, 2014

“Building a purposeful social network” – a course update | John Stepper

1. Defining your personal goal
Brandon Klein Apr 16, 2014

Designing Effective Knowledge Networks | MIT Sloan Management Review

Experienced knowledge network leaders that we interviewed endeavored to create a consistency between structures (such as operating model, charter and…
Brandon Klein Apr 02, 2014

1 Million Cups (1MC) - Building communities one cup at a time. -

1 Million Cups (1MC) is a simple way to engage entrepreneurs in communities around the world. Each week, the 1MC program offers two local…
Brandon Klein Mar 17, 2014

Why Every Employee Should Be Building Weak Ties At Work

Oftentimes we focus on building strong relationships with people, strong ties. After all, the better we know someone and the stronger the…
Brandon Klein Mar 11, 2014