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The Berkana Institute

For twenty years, The Berkana Institute has worked in friendship and partnership with people around the world who are discovering that there is no…
Brandon Klein Oct 14, 2013

The diminishing role of hubs in dynamical processes on complex networks

It is notoriously difficult to predict the behaviour of a complex self-organizing system, where the interactions among dynamical units form a…
Brandon Klein Sep 18, 2013

NewAer - track others phone location and identity

Proximity is a new type of sensor input for your applications, leveraging WiFi, Bonjour and Bluetooth signals on iOS, with additional cellular tower…
Brandon Klein Sep 14, 2013

Work Is Broken; Let's Hack It - Forbes

Just passing Labor Day in the USA makes an excellent time to consider something we all know and feel instinctively: Work is fundamentally broken. I…
Brandon Klein Sep 14, 2013

[1308.5015] The Simple Rules of Social Contagion

It is commonly believed that information spreads between individuals like a pathogen, with each exposure by an informed friend potentially resulting…
Brandon Klein Sep 14, 2013

▶ BIF-8: Valdis Krebs - Serendipity as a service

Serendipity as a service. Conferences only care about the nodes.  
Brandon Klein Sep 14, 2013

TidePool - brain games

About TidePool's Brain Games
Brandon Klein Sep 10, 2013

Nexudus Spaces - manage and promote your coworking space

    Automatic Invoicing     Wireless Checkin     Online Payments     Flexible price plan system.     Website and CMS for your space     Calendar and…
Brandon Klein Sep 08, 2013

Text Analytics and Sentiment Analysis for Everyone

Text Analytics and Sentiment Analysis for Everyone Semantria API is a service that helps you understand what is going on in your content.  
Brandon Klein Sep 05, 2013

Continuous Productivity

What happens when the tools and technologies we use every day become mainstream parts of the business world? What happens when we stop leading…
Brandon Klein Sep 03, 2013