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untitled - PhysRevLett.111.078701

Controlling self-organizing systems is challenging because the system responds to the controller. Here, we develop a model that captures the…
Brandon Klein Aug 26, 2013

Complexity leadership theory: An interactive perspective on leading in complex adaptive systems - viewcontent.cgi

Traditional, hierarchical views of leadership are less and less useful given the complexities of our modern world. Leadership theory must transi -…
Brandon Klein Aug 26, 2013

Holacracy | Social Technology for Purposeful Organization

How It Works
Brandon Klein Jun 18, 2013

Communal Spirit: Cooperative vs. Collective | F that S

Both Worker cooperatives and collectives are worker-owned, democratic, and self- managed businesses. However, there are some key differences between…
Brandon Klein Mar 04, 2013

The Best Sales Reps Avoid "Talkers" - Brent Adamson, Matthew Dixon, and Nicholas...

Go-Getters: Motivated by organizational improvement and constantly looking for good ideas, Go-Getters champion action around great insights wherever…
Brandon Klein Jul 13, 2011

Jostle™ is the People Engagement™ Platform that glues organizations together

The Jostle™ SaaS platform is the modern way for employees to navigate their organization and be more effective contributors.
Brandon Klein May 06, 2011

Org Charts by Cogmap | The Organization Chart Wiki | A Free Directory of Organiz...

Cogmap is an organization chart wiki that lets you see, edit and create organization charts for companies on-line.
Brandon Klein Feb 27, 2011

Winning Workplaces

Winning Workplaces is a nonprofit committed to helping small and midsize organizations create high-performance workplaces.
Brandon Klein Feb 08, 2011

The Knowledge Sharing Place - LiveBinders

Gathering information to share?
Brandon Klein Jan 22, 2011