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Internet Free Calling App

Hijacking real phone lines to liberate international calling No internet needed
Brandon Klein Jan 27, 2016


Thrive with an Enterprise Software Unlike Any Other
Brandon Klein Nov 21, 2015

A World Transfixed by Screens

The continued massive growth of connected mobile devices is shaping not only how we communicate with each other, but how we look, behave, and…
Brandon Klein Jan 19, 2015 Business Phone System

Work is a thing you do, not a place you go Use any device, get setup in minutes, access your company directory from anywhere, and more.
Brandon Klein Jan 15, 2015


Better than working in the same room Collaborative screen sharing + Multiple mouse cursors + Voice chat
Brandon Klein Jul 23, 2014

Free Conference Calls made simple - Speek

The best free conference call service.
Brandon Klein Mar 03, 2014

Amicus - cold call with friend of friend reference

Get Better Results Amicus can triple the efficacy of your fundraising and outreach efforts by allowing your volunteers to easily reach out to their…
Brandon Klein Nov 14, 2012

Twilio Cloud Communications - APIs for Voice, VoIP and Text Messaging

twilio brings voice and messaging to your web and mobile applications.
Brandon Klein Jul 15, 2011

3Live Shop « B-Reel

3Live Shop is exactly what its name implies, a live online shop that works as a complementary service for the customers of the telecom operator 3,…
Brandon Klein May 04, 2011

YouTube - Nexus One: The Story - Episode 1: Concept & Design

Nexus One: The Story. A series of short films documenting the making of Nexus One. Episode 1: Concept & Design
Brandon Klein Feb 27, 2011