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Healthcare Predictions For 2015

 Walmart becomes your healthcare insurer
Brandon Klein Dec 30, 2014

Guesswork - customer prediction machine learning

Machine learning service to predict customer intent
Brandon Klein Aug 09, 2014

ChoiceMap - Make Better Decisions | Choice making app, decision app, decision algorithm

ChoiceMap walks you through any decision—from which car to buy to the college you should attend. Compare all of your options on a level playing…
Brandon Klein Jan 10, 2014

Osito – Predictive Intelligence to Simplify Your Life

Bringing Information To You, To Simplify Your Life
Brandon Klein Apr 18, 2013

Neurotrack - Transforming the diagnosis & treatment of Alzheimer’s

Transforming the diagnosis & treatment of Alzheimer’s
Brandon Klein Mar 14, 2013

Google Maps Help Predict Meth Labs Before They Open | Fast Company

Google Maps is a lifesaver. But the mapping technology behind Google Maps isn't just good for highway directions and bike routes; it can also find…
Brandon Klein Jun 05, 2011

Crowdcast | Prediction Market Forecasting

Harness the knowledge dispersed throughout your organization with the Crowdcast Team Intelligence Platform™
Brandon Klein Jan 17, 2011