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20 cognitive biases that screw up your decisions

Brandon Klein Mar 26, 2016

The Cult of Busy

It’s time to end the glorification of busy.
Brandon Klein Dec 08, 2014

Code42 - behavior analysis

Thanks to huge advances in the study of decision-making and behavior, we now understand people better than ever. Why do we do what we do? What drives…
Brandon Klein Dec 05, 2014

Nicholas Christakis

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Brandon Klein Dec 05, 2014

You're More Biased Than You Think

Even the most open-minded person harbors a lot of unconscious biases. Here's how to start recognizing and eliminating them.
Brandon Klein Nov 18, 2014

NeuroPower Consulting

NeuroPower is a behavioral strategy consultancy with a difference.
Brandon Klein Aug 11, 2014

The Neurochemistry of Positive Conversations

Why do negative comments and conversations stick with us so much longer than positive ones?
Brandon Klein Jun 16, 2014

What Happens To Our Brains When We Exercise And How It Makes Us Happier

Exercise has been touted to be a cure for nearly everything in life, from depression, to memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s and more. At…
Brandon Klein May 27, 2014

We're reimagining how people discover their potential, from education to work to innovation.
Brandon Klein Mar 13, 2014

NeuroSky Store — MindWave Mobile: MyndPlay Bundle

MindWave Mobile is the world’s least expensive research-grade EEG headset available. Designed for interface with mobile devices (iOS and Android) and…
Brandon Klein Feb 13, 2014