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Loyally Subversive

'In the mid-1980s, MacKenzie founded an oasis for creativity -- called the Humor Workshop -- just outside the walls of Hallmark headquarters. "I…
Brandon Klein Jul 14, 2014

John Maeda Quotes by Nilofer Merchant

On signing people up:
Brandon Klein Jul 08, 2014

Lyfting Innovation? — Medium

Today is different. It’s not new products that are causing the disruption, it’s new business models. Particularly those that bypass the supply and…
Brandon Klein Apr 25, 2014

Network performance is the single most important characteristic of successful employees — Gigaom Research

The ability to do our work better based on the input of others, and to make others’ work better based on our contribution, is increasingly seen as…
Brandon Klein Jan 08, 2014

Top 41 Change Quotes

TP’s “Top 41” Quotes
Brandon Klein Nov 18, 2012

Collaboration & Health from the Dalai Lama

by Serjao Q: “What thing about humanity surprises you the most?” A: Dalai Lama . Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he…
Brandon Klein Dec 17, 2011

Collaboration Quotes

Every sin is the result of a collaboration.
Brandon Klein Jan 07, 2011