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Retaliation Tactics for Facilitators in Meetings, Workshops & Events

We have all been there. Listening to someone talk about what you already know. Smiling at a facilitator who is trying to herd cats. A PowerPoint deck…
Brandon Klein Aug 06, 2018

5-Steps to Impactful Conference Relationships & Networking at TechCrunch

On the heels of Crunch Match NY (2016), TechCrunch was seeking to take their Disrupt attendee’s connections to the next level. We worked with them to…
Brandon Klein May 14, 2017

Press Release: Announcing Advanced Collaboration for Peace Project

Connecting people to create great change, one peace oriented problem solver at a time. Collaboration.Ai is partnering with an esteemed group of…
Meredith Klein May 10, 2017

Getting Closer at the Company Party: Integration Experiences, Racial Dissimilarity, and Workplace Relationships

Using survey data from two distinct samples, we found that reported integration behaviors (e.g., attending company parties, discussing nonwork…
Brandon Klein Sep 09, 2015

People Science - putting people first... scientifically

Putting people first – Scientifically Communities, projects, and initiatives thrive when the people associated with them work well together. The most…
Brandon Klein Nov 12, 2008

Consulting that unleashes the spirit

Great article (PDF) by By Kathie Dannemiller, Sylvia James, and Paul Tolchinsky It was the evening of day two in a three-day meeting, which involved…
Brandon Klein Oct 25, 2007